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About 100 jpg photos can be stored in the 950 KBytes of memory in CaptiGate.

Sandra and her bike

1) Drag N Drop your photo, sound and text files.

Screen Shot

2) Click download.

Screen Shot

Photo Album

Harry Potter

3) Using your GBA / SP as a 4 channel oscilloscope.

4 channel ocilloscope

eBook Reader


Links to thousands of free eBooks.

The maximum download size of an eBook is 950 KBytes (Alice in Wonderland is 160 KBytes, about 180 pages), so you can download about 6 books of this size to read on your GBA at one time. You can, of course, divide any eBook into multiple files, each less than 950 KBytes.

Formats supported are text, HTML, jpg images, wav sounds, and multiboot files.

Win Prizes

Competitions are open to students for innovative Edutainment / Infotainment products.

Educating Mario opens up many possibilities:

  1. Over 20 Million GBA's in schools - switched off!
  2. In the Classroom to aid learning with Quizes.
  3. In the Science Lab using inexpensive sensors to capture environmental data.
  4. In the Music Room.
  5. In the Electronics Lab for demonstrations and as instrumentation.
  6. On field trips as portable instrumentation and reference photos.
  7. On museum trips as location and exhibit resources.
The Dare to be Digital competition has prizes of £2,000 and is open to students of Scotland, Republic of Ireland, and Malaysia

Your Custom Application

Many rapid prototypes, and custom applications can be developed quickly. Contact us with your requirements.


Harry Potter

About 100 jpg maps can be stored in the 950 KBytes of memory in CaptiGate.

RS232 Terminal


The RS232 port of CaptiGate™ can be configured with baud rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115,200 baud.

Learn HTML

The MenuBusters® browser understands a subset of HTML. Write some HTML and see it on the GBA screen.

Science Experiments

Inexpensive sensors can be connected to CaptiGate™ for science experiments.

Swot for Exams and Tests

MenuBusters® has a SWOT feature built in. The GBA Left shoulder button is the SWOT button.

Download the text you need to study for an exam, along with questions or answers grouped by section. Press the SWOT button to display the self test questions / answers appropriate for the section you are currently reading.


There are 4 acquisition channels available. These can be simply configured as logic (switch) inputs or as 12 bit or 7 bit ADCs. Display can be as digits or as a graph, like an oscilloscope. The combination of 4 channel instrument and browser makes it a versatile diagnostic tool.

Sound & Music

90 seconds of mono sound / music (18157 Hz wav file) can be stored in the 950 KBytes of memory in CaptiGate.

Run Multiboot Programs

CaptiGate has 950 KBytes of memory, so you can add several Multiboot programs to your browser content and choose which one to run using the MenuBusters® menu.


The RS232 adapter of CaptiGate™ can be configured to "spy" on either the Tx or the Rx lines of a serial link with baud rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115,200 baud.

Fastest Finger First

A 4 player quiz cable can be plugged into CaptiGate.

When the quizmaster asks a question, the GBA announces the number of the player who pressed the button first.


A 4 channel oscilloscope can be configured with 7 bit, 12 bit, or digital input.

  All Ages
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