1. Is CaptiGate™ also designed for GBA software developers?
  2. Can I develop and download code to the GBA using the USB / RS232 ports
    Yes, here is sample GBA code using the CaptiGate™ API. ExampleGBA.zip (74 KByte).
  3. The specs above list 4 digital inputs. Are there any digital outputs as well?
    Yes, we supply CaptiGate™ with a special firmware bootloader. We develop custom I/O facilities to customer requirements for free.
  4. How is the USB / RS232 port implemented with regards to the GBA programmer's view?
    Some CaptiGate™ I/O is interrupt driven and double buffered. Currently the USB / RS232 is polled, but the CaptiGate™ API allows for GBA developers to implement interrupt driven / buffered I/O should their application require it.
  5. Are running programs limited to 256 KByte?
    Yes, like any Multiboot program.
  6. Does CaptiGate™ contains any RAM?
    No, the only RAM is in the GBA.
  7. Is there a GBA version of GatesBoy™ available? (That would seem to be more or less what I need
    Currently no. GatesBoy™ has more I/O lines available. However, these are all digital, and GatesBoy™ has many limitations compared to because of its 8 bit architecture.

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