PC Download adapters - USB or RS232

USB or RS232 adapters connect the CaptiGate™ hardware to a PC to download your GBA content.

RS232 cable

What is CaptiGate?

CaptiGate™ clips to the back of your GBA or GBA SP. It connects to the USB or serial port of your PC for downloading. Clip on CaptiGate™, turn on your GBA, your download appears on the screen. CaptiGate™ Features


CaptiGate™ Features


A single temperature sensor feeding a dual display.

Temperature sensor

The National Semiconductor LM19CIZ temperature sensor we supply.
Just connect the 3 terminals to our link port sensor cable!

Temperature sensor

Measuring the magnetic field of a screwdriver.

Magnetism sensor

Two Clothes-pin (-peg) sensors connected. The one on the right is measuring the conductivity of a piece of foam.

Dual Switch sensors

Quad voltmeter probes.

Quad Voltmeter

Ready to compare the capacity of two batteries using voltmeter probes.

Dual Voltmeter

More sensors are planned.

While analog sensor readings are quantitative, our sensors are designed for qualitative experiments and are supplied uncalibrated. Should sensor calibration be required, this important educational exercise can be left to the student.

  All Ages
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