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Damian Yerrick

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Grateful thanks to:

Tim, the author of this Animated Email Icon Icon

Ajo, Andrew May, David Wu, Louis Davis and Neco for their multiboot research. Credo for GBARM

Aisha Ikram of the CodeProject for her INI file code.

Damian Yerrick for his GBA sound player and Tetanus On Drugs.

Danjel Rydén for his FRAS sound player.

DarkFader for GBAFix

Dave Murphy and Jason Wilkins for the GBA C Compiler.

Henk Devos of the CodeProject for his Tooltips code.

Jeff Frohwein for his JPG code and other resources.

Lance Legan for Blowhole.

Martin Korth or his invaluable technical help.

Michael Dunn of the CodeProject for his Drag & Drop interface.

Mike Wynn for his CODE_IN_IWRAM post to GBADEV mailing list.

Nishant S of the CodeProject for his Windows tips.

Arachnophilia Paul Lutus, the author of the Arachnophilia HTML editor.

Pink Floyd for the inspiration.

Ramon de Klein of the CodeProject for his Serial library code.

TeamKNOx for Reversi.

Tom Lane, Philip Gladstone, Jim Boucher, Lee Crocker, Julian Minguillon, Luis Ortiz, George Phillips, Davide Rossi, Guido Vollbeding, Ge' Weijers, and other members of the Independent JPEG Group.

An unknown coder for the 920 Byte Fire.mb fire animation.

GBA Developers everywhere...

Send us Email if you would like us to include your GBA multiboot FreeWare.

If your name should be included in this list of credits, please email us so we can correct the omission.

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